Poems & Prose in Memory of Koren Kasman Osho
Recited at her Funeral Ceremony on October 22, 2016

From Tenkei Roshi

Clouds of delusion vanished,

And new world's open up.

A Shining Lotus has departed,

Yet is reborn a thousand times

Like bright stars in the night sky.

So many loved ones gathered here,

Dear Koren Osho, wherever you can be,

Surely you are right here right now.

Thank you for everything you did,

And for all you will still do!

Anjo, beautiful flower,

May you bloom forever!

From Junyu Kuroda Roshi, Japan

However precious they might have been, these fifty nine winters and springs will never return.

Life is like a dream of greenness, transient,

disappearing like clouds coming apart in the sky.

Rivers flow endlessly,

Flowers in a field smile broadly,

on this shore of mortals.

Let us go then, you and I, among comings-and-goings, this last journey to the land of Eternal Peace. On this very day, we all gathered here to solemnly and in respect reminisce about Reverend Anjo Koren Kasman, the Shining Lotus, her heart full of harmony and loving kindness. We deeply respect her sincere devotion to the Way of practice and unrelenting effort into deepening her faith in Dharma.

We are aware, however, it could not have been possible without tremendous help of Reverend Peter Gakudo, her beloved husband and life partner on the spiritual path. As the founders of Keiryuji Temple, both were able to plant the seeds and cultivate their Sangha, in Holland and in Spain, where authentic minds still gather to cherish the Buddha Way together, thus embodying the essence of BuddhaDharma.

Throughout all these years she showed us how wisdom and compassion can grow and manifest in daily activities.Yet, all of a sudden, fires burn out firewood and the Four Elements separate.

The wind sweeps away the stream of water and the flower petals fall down cutting off desires, without a moment to spare. What shall be said?

The breeze is soft like crystal-white clouds on the pure lotus pedestal, these fifty nine years of her joyful liveliness. The vast ocean is originally one drop of water. The huge Sumeru is fundamentally an inch of a mountain

From Genpo Roshi, USA

That which is unborn never dies,

That which is born dies.

Out of the dark muddy water,

A Shining Lotus blossoms.

From Genno Roshi, France

Anjo, when I remember the time I first saw you, the image comes of an elegant and gracious sail boat swiftly sailing with an unshakeable determination.

You clearly had a direction : to meet yourself in complete truth, to meet what cannot go, what cannot die, because it never was born.

Now, you have reached your destination.

You took many people on board, people you loved, people you served with humility, with discretion and with indefatigable devotion.

I got on board during the ceremony when you received the acknowledgement of your teacher. Thank you for having let me be part of your life. I am thankful for having known you.

You are in my heart. Koichi Isoda-san, Japan:

The ending of something means the beginning of something.

The Lotus illuminates the steps again on the next stage,

But I will always remember your smile.

From Genshin Roshi, UK

Anjo was like a saint, dressing me in the morning.

She was my jisha, what a laugh!

From Rev. Koichi Isoda, Japan

The ending of something means the beginning of something.

The Lotus illuminates the steps again on the next stage,

But I will always remember your smile.

From Jorge Ryusho Lopez-Doriga, Peru

Coming from the Salt Lake to the sweet one I met Koren for the first time.

My dharma sister has been since then.

She stayed at Zen River while I travelled the world.

Now the shinning Lotus travels further than the flying dragon.

How jealous!

We all stay behind wondering: How is it? How is it?

Our life streams will cross again for Eons no doubt.

But Koren and Ryusho say goodbye

Fifty nine years of love and happiness don’t wash away that easily.

The bright light of the lotus will shine intensely in our hearts timelessly.

May your light guide us in the times of darkness.

I love you Anjo!!

From Liz Seiki Fox, USA

As I thought back over the years I have known Anjo, one memory kept coming up. In the early days at the Oldorp, in the first months, Anjo and I took a bike ride together. As we rode, we decided to chant the Sando Kai. Understand, we had only been chanting it for a bit over a year, so we did not know if we could do it without a book. But we did it! We were both rather amazed that we managed. It occurred to me that the only reason we made it was that we were supporting one another. Alone, each of us would have come to a point where we got lost, but for each of us, that would have been a different place. Together, supporting one another, we made it.

Anjo supported me, you, Zen River, the practice, Peter, her dogs, her family, it goes on and on. She even supported us all in her end, as she showed us how to do it. Well done, my friend. Now we all hold the torch, and support one another in her memory.

From Wynn Seishin Wright, USA

Responding to the call of the Buddha, Anjo followed Roshi to the north of Holland and helped set up Zen River Temple. Doing whatever needed to be done, she cleaned rooms and windows, sewed curtains and cushions, cared for chickens and finances.

Responding to the call of the Dharma, Koren practiced the many gateways and polished her understanding through zazen and koans, scriptures and right activity, ritual and daily life.

Responding to the call of the Sangha, Shining Lotus accepted the teacher’s robe and left the temple to serve in the world.

Dear friend, I bow in gratitude for your life and practice. Throughout space and time, may you honor your vows, ever responding to the cries of the world.

From Mike Daijo Wright, USA


Water flows.

It may pool for a while,

But then it moves on.

We name these precious pools -- a tree, a bird, a flower, a wife.

Still we don't understand.

Pools are mysterious, unique, unknowable.

Hers was even more -- fresh, sparkling, clear, deep.

But it could stay for only a moment.

Water flows.

On and on and on.

From Paul Taian Davies, Spain

It was you who met me

on my first visit

and welcomed me

to the temple

You are part of my beginning

It was you who taught

my stumbling fingers to sew

and in my rakusu

your stitches merge with mine

You are part of my vows

I was there last year

when you left to build

a new temple

in the mountains

I was part of your leaving

In the mountains this summer

when you could hardly move

you showed me how to dance

when death comes calling

You will be part of my going

Our paths kept crossing

They will cross again